If you had some bad experiences with tenants who didn't pay their rent, caused damage or created other problems for you, I know exactly how you felt. These experiences can be real pains in the head and pocketbook!

But you can avoid most problems with expert tenant screening. You can't learn this from any book in the book store. Or from the little simplified articles on the internet. You need great scrfeening techniques in addition to your common sense and personal impressions of applicants to get the best information and catch the people who are trying to hide their problems or who are just bad news tenants.

I want you to have these great techniques so you can really enjoy your property ownership or management experience.

Landlording books are valuable for learning landlord law and how to deal with issues that can come up during the rental period. But they typically only have about 2 to 4 pages on tenant screening. These books are usually written by attorneys who don't know much about tenant screening other than basically writing that you should get a credit report and check references.

Getting good tenants is the key to a good landlording experience!                With good tenants, you won't have to deal with the problems in these books, like late or no rent, damage or lease violations.

Are you a landlord who does not even call references?  Do you think it is too hard?  Maybe you're not sure of what to ask.  Maybe you are not sure you will be talking to the right people, asking the best questions or really getting the truth.  Maybe you think they will not give you the information you really want and should have. 

I want you to be an expert at picking the best tenant applicants.

Think about how much better you would feel as a landlord if you if you had great tenants! 

With much fewer problems than other landlords might have.

You can learn the tenant screening techniques now that the best professional tenant screening firms use from an e-book written by the owner of a tenant screening firm for over 20 years.

Proven methods to get people who will be very good tenants, not financial or mental nightmares.

Get more information on applicants than you ever thought possible.

Get information from the most reliable sources.  Information from an unreliable source is not worth much, no matter how good it is.

Get good tenancy history from current as well as prior landlords.                                           (We get as much negative information from current landlords as from prior ones.)

Get employment confirmations fast from huge companies as well as small companies. 

This e-book will teach you how to get information within a day or two, even from companies that have policies of much longer turnaround times.

Most important- you will learn about the tricks that bad applicants use to fool you-
and the methods you can use to find out the CORRECT information about them.

If you avoid one bad tenant who would not pay rent or would cause damage, you would save thousands of dollars.  Much, much more than what this e-book costs.  Learn how you can greatly lower your rental risks with this information.

You depend on monthly rent to be paid on time for your income.

You know you have a valuable property, with a lot of money at risk each month. Don't let people live in it that are going to be problems for you.    

You have plenty of other things to do with your time rather than trying to deal with tenant problems!

You want to enjoy your time and not have to wonder if you be getting your rental income on time or at all!

When you use the easy to follow step by step methods in this e-book, the reliable information you will get will enable you to make the best judgments about applicants and you will get the best tenants. When you get good tenants, you can enjoy being a landlord.

Even if you have been a landlord for many years, I guarantee that you will learn techniques to get much more information and more reliable information than you thought was possible to get.

checkmark  Avoid late or unpaid rent issues

checkmark  Avoid tenants who might trash your place and cause expensive damage

checkmark  Avoid tenants with credit problems

checkmark  Avoid tenants that will bring in a roommate or pet without your knowledge or permission

checkmark  Avoid tenants that will complain all the time

checkmark  Avoid tenants who will create noise or other problems for their neighbors

checkmark  Avoid tenants who have a drinking or drug problem

checkmark  Avoid tenants that will leave you still owing one or more months rent


All of these problems will give you a big headache. Some will cost you thousands of dollars in lost rent, damage or eviction costs.

I can show you exactly how to get the best tenants, so you can have a much more satisfactory experience as a landlord.

Nobody can guarantee that all your tenants will be great. But your risk of having a problem tenant should go down, probably by a lot.  I can only tell you that the landlod clients we have had for many years have told us that they have had very good experience.  Much better than other landlords that they know.

                             Why get this information?

Knowing how to do tenant screening the best way is crucial to your getting tenants that will not create financial or mental problems for you.

Shorten your learning time to be successful at picking the best tenants.  This e-book will improve your screening methods so that you get the best and most reliable information.

You will make more money by renting to the best tenants and avoiding problems. And you will be able to enjoy life more.

This e-book will give you the best specific strategies and clear step by step methods to do great tenant screening and get the tenants you want.

We have combined and consolidated the best and most important techniques we have acquired over the last 24 years in our A+ Better Business rated tenant screening business.

Good tenant screening is far more involved that just getting credit reports on applicants and making a few reference calls.

Different tenant applications present different ways to do good reference checking.

In my tenant screening business, we have screened over 100,000 people who were applying to rent an apartment or house. This gave us great knowledge and experience about credit reports and how to screen applicants in the best way.

I want to share the knowledge with you that we have acquired over these many years.

You deserve to know the best ways to screen applicants.

We know all the tricks they can use to hide their problems and we know all the ways to find out about these problems. We specialized in getting & analyzing credit reports, and reference checking with landlords and employers.

The idea behind good tenant screening is simple. The more information you have and the more reliable it is before making the decision to rent or not to rent to people, the better that decision will be. The key is how to get the best and most reliable information.

Over the years, I felt badly for landlords who had lost thousands of dollars in unpaid rent and damages, and came to us after these losses so that new applicants would be checked out better than the landlord had done on their own before.

We have helped many hundreds of landlords get great tenants who did not create problems.

Even in slum areas. Being a landlord can be very rewarding if you have good tenants and a fair rent amount. Property values WILL go up in the future. On the other hand, renting to the wrong tenant can be a headache and financially draining.

You can use the same step by step techniques we use to get great tenants.



Here are some, but not all of the screening methods included:

1. How a credit report from any of the three credit bureaus can be easily analyzed and summarized on one page, regardless of how long it is. (Some can be 30 or 40 pages long, and very hard to understand without using this method.)

Credit reports are like a book. If you know how to read them, they will tell you a story about the person.

You will get our easy to follow method of analyzing the report to get the information you need as a landlord:  How fast they paid their bills, how much they owe, what kind of debts they owe and how much they have to pay per month as a minimum.

2.  Why you need to check references thoroughly and not just rely on the credit report.

3. How to find out the right person to talk to for landlord reference information, and how to get negative information from current as well as past landlords. (This is critical to uncovering renting problems.) You need to get your information from the best, most reliable sources.

4. What questions to ask and in what order to ask the questions, to get more information than you ever thought you could get. Including negative information.

5. Why you should talk to the parents of young applicants, and what good information they can give you.

6. How to get employment information from the most reliable source (usually not the person on the application).

7. How to check out self-employed people.

8. How to handle young people or people who have recently moved to the United States.

9. How to evaluate applicants who are now going through a foreclosure or short sale, or who had one in their past.

10. How to evaluate an applicant who has just separated.

11. How to handle applicants who now have or want to have a pet and what policy you might have if a pet may be ok with you.

12. Who to check out when you have more than one applicant or applicant groups for your place.

13. How to screen someone who says they own the place they currently live in or have lived in a place they owned in the recent past.

After you get this information, you will realize how you can greatly improve your tenant screening.

The background of applicants are different, and the methods you should use to check them out need to be tailored to their backgrounds and situations.  You can always refer to this reference book to know the best ways to get information on them.

All these terrific screening techniques are in a PDF e-book that you can get immediately, as a  printout from your computer.


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Early Response Bonus 1:

                                                          Credit Reports       

Everything you need to know about credit reports.  How to pick a tenant screening firm.  Descriptions of the reports from each of the major credit bureaus.  What is in and what is not in the reports.  Credit scores and how they are calculated.  How to improve your credit record.  Alternative ways you can get your free credit reports, free scores and free credit monitoring.  Best ways to improve scores.  Best ways to dispute incorrect information.  Best ways to deal with identity theft.  


Early Response Bonus 2: 

Understanding Credit Scores &
How To Analyze Credit Reports

How to analyze reports in a way to easily determine the risk of renting to the person. How to pick out what is important, and how to identify errors. More on the FICO score and how it is weighted.  How to review a credit report.  How to summarize the report on one page, so you can easily see what is owed by type of debt, with detail on the most important accounts and what the total monthly minimum payments are. How the credit bureaus and creditors view the debt categories and risk related to them.


Early Response Bonus 3: 

15 Common Mistakes That Landlords Make

Some of the areas covered include setting standards of acceptable credit, tenancy and employment records and how to apply them, who you should check out, establishing the identity of applicants, making objective decisions and avoidfng discimination, and much more.


So, click on the link below to get your instant download plus these 3 additional valuable bonuses from our completely secure website. This book normally sells for $297, and the bonuses are worth $ by themselves.

But because I want to get this critical information out as fast as possible, for a limited time, you can get it for:

                                                              just $197

You own or manage a very valuable property. This cost is just a small fraction of what your loss would be if a tenant does not pay just one or two months rent, or causes damage to your place.

Avoid the risk of losing thousands of dollars which you depend on for your income.

Getting a credit report on prospective tenants is definitely necessary, to see how timely they are and have been paying their credit accounts, how much they owe, what kinds of debts they have and what their monthly required credit account payments are. But just getting the credit report information is not enough!  Just because a person has a good credit report does not mean they will be a good tenant.  They could create all kinds of headaches for you, from causing damage, to having a friend move in without your knowledge or having load parties, etc.

You need to do reference checking! You need to find out what kind of tenant they have been, or whether they really own the place they said they own. You need to find out if all the information about their emplyment on the application is correct. (And not just the pay.) They could have lost their job just a few days ago, so getting a pay stub verification is not good enough.

And you need these verifications from the most reliable sources.  It is much more involved that just dialing the phone numbers given and asking to speak to the people given on the applications. You should not be getting your information from a friend, relative or co-worker, without realizing that it may be a "set-up". You will learn how to find out about common "set-ups".

When you use the expert screening methods in this e-book, you will not have to pay a tenant screening firm to do reference checking, or just hope that everything else is ok. Believe me, nobody can tell what a person is like by just meeting them a few times for a short time period.

And you will be surprised how much informatiuon you can get from the most reliable sources.

For this one-time cost, you can use these techniques the rest of your life on all future applicants.

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We have used their tenant screening service for over 15 years. Their excellent analysis, understanding and clear explanations of the information has served us very well all the time.
Lynn Bradshaw & Chandra Murphy-
property owners & managers

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We are so convinced that you will appreciate learning this information that we will give you this promise and ironglad guarantee:


If you use these techniques to get new tenants, your rental experience will be much better. You will get many more good tenants and very few bad tenants. Your success will be much better than the vast majority of landlords. Nobody can predict the future with complete accuracy, but this has been the experience of our clients over many years.


If you do not feel much better about your picks and have a better rental experience than you had before, or are not satisfied that your screening is much better with these methods, you can get a fast refund, no questions asked, by returning the e-book printout to us within six months of your purchase. You will be happy you got this e-book or your money will be immediately refunded (see below):


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What value do you put on having good tenants, who pay on time, don't create problems and do not cause damage to your property?

Learning these screening methods can save you thousands of dollars over the years.

Don't wait.  Get your copy now, while it is still available for $197.  You could download it from your computer immediately.

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I am not promising that everyone will improve their credit record and score, because I have no control over what you do or don't do with this valuable information, or over future events that may affect your record. You have to use the information to get improvement.

So, this guarantee is not that you will improve your record, it is that if you are not satisfied, you will get your money back.

All this critical knowledge can be yours, but ONLY if you act now!

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Have not had a bad tenant since using their screening service over 24 years ago. We need reports almost every month. This is due to their ability to communicate the information in a way that is easy to understand.
Alan & Zelda Sims- property owners & managers




We have used their service for many years, with great results. Their great knowledge has been extreemly helpful.
Donna Welsh- property owner





Since using their service, we now can make much better informed decisions, and have not had any problems. The information we get focuses our attention on the major points of concern and is very helpful.
Harold & Elizabeth Coffee- property owners
I have benefited from 20 years using this tenant screening service and the information provided. I consistently get the best, clear and understandable information. This gives me the assurance that I will make sound decisions about applicants. What was hit or miss before has become a satisfying experience.
Barbara Elam- property owner







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